Dog Toys

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Dog Toys

Why dog needs toys?

Every dog enjoys some doggie toys! Dogs are a social, playful animal. Playing with toys helps them develop important skills. Dogs evolved to hunt and although most dogs don’t need to hunt anymore, they still benefit from playing with toys.

For dogs, playing with toys with their owner or other dogs strengthens their social bonds and social skills. They learn to share and play fairly. If a dog doesn’t get enough playtime with toys as puppies, they can end up with social problems as adults. Toys also serve another purpose: they give your dog something to chew on other than your furniture!

Many dog breeds enjoy chewing and if they can’t chew on toys, a pillow or leg of a chair or a book will do just fine. Keeping plenty of toys around minimizes the likelihood that your dog will be destructive to your home or property.

Types of toys available

There are many types of dog toys available depending on your needs. A simple tennis ball is an easy and low cost favorite. Many retriever breeds live and breathe tennis balls! But there are also rope toys, usually made of cotton rope. Many dog toys are made of hard rubber.

These toys tend to last a while as they are hard to chew through. Some dogs enjoy toys that make noise. Squeaker toys are a favorite of many dogs, but tend to be rather annoying for their owners. There are also toys shaped like animals, hard rubber balls, delicate feather toys on the ends of a pole, and much more.

Many types of toys involve food. You can stuff the toy with food that it dispenses as they dog plays or some just involve slathering the inside with peanut butter and letting the dog lick it clean. Several manufacturers have made it their mission to make toys that are indestructible! To date, at least some dog somewhere has found a way to destroy any toy they are given.

Things to watch out for with toys

Toys are great for dogs, but you want to be weary as well. Some toys are a chewing hazard. If the dog can chew off pieces of the toy and swallow them, that can be very dangerous for the dog, possibly leading to medical complications. So when purchasing toys, keep in mind the type of dog you have and what might be dangerous for them.