Dog Wedding

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Did you say dog wedding? Yes.

Why would people marry their dogs?

There is no practical reason to marry two dogs together. They do not get a tax break nor any other type of legal status. If at a future time a divorce is needed, no division of property is necessary, unless one dog is adamant about keeping the Kong toys while the other must have the memory foam monogrammed dog bed. People who choose to marry their dogs are doing it just for fun. Let’s face it: they just want an excuse to party.

Whats involved in a dog wedding?

A dog wedding has all of the normal trappings of a human wedding, except the bride and groom are canine. As the wedding planner, you, the dog owner, will need to pick the wedding party, the venue (make sure it’s dog friendly), the color scheme, the guest list, and much more.

You will need to get your dog a properly fitted wedding dress and for the groom, a proper fitting tuxedo. Invitations will need to be made and sent out asking guests to join in the festivities. Since a dog wedding is not official, anyone can officiate. So make sure to choose your officiate wisely.

What is the cost of a dog wedding?

How much money you spend on this event is entirely up to you. Some dog owners choose to go all out hiring caterers, a DJ, and full floral arrangements. Other owners opt for the home spun wedding, providing most of the wedding necessities themselves. And what about food?

Your doggie wedding needs to cater to two species: canine and homo sapien. Your doggie dearly beloveds and their wedding party will want canine cuisine, while your wedding guests will probably decline a serving of Alpo or Purina. Expect to serve a human friendly set of appetizers, buffet, or full sit down meal. Wedding planners will also want to look into a photographer to capture the event in all it’s glory.

Enjoy the event, let your hair down, and boogie on the dance floor with your pooch.