Pet Insurance for Your Dog

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Yes, that’s right. There is pet insurance available for your four footed fluffy friend. Just as with people insurance, pet insurance has a wide range of options. Before you think this kind of thing isn’t for you or your dog, consider the reasons for pet insurance and the options.

What kind of pet insurance is available?

There are two main types: one works like regular medical insurance while the other is more like a medical credit card. Several pet insurance providers have cropped up offering various packages aimed at providing insurance for your dog or other pets. Just as with regular human insurance, you pay a premium and are afforded various levels of protection. In addition to medical insurance policies, there are also life insurance policies you can purchase for your dog.

The other type of pet insurance is less insurance and more a pet medical expense credit card. You sign up for the service and credit is extended to you for use in paying off costly medical bills incurred by your pet.

Why would you get pet insurance for your dog?

Pet insurance makes a lot of sense if you own a high value show animal or a high value breeding animal. In both cases, you might want to protect your investment by getting the dog insured. Both medical and life insurance policies are available. A lesser known, but equally important, insurance type is called “loss of use.”

This insurance guards against damage occurring to your dog that prevents him from fulfilling the purpose you originally intended for him. “Loss of use” insurance is great for breeding animals because if they lose their ability to breed, you can get some kind of payout. But many average pet owners are opting to buy insurance for the family pet because of the rising cost of pet medical expenses.