The Joys of Throwing a Ball with a Dog

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Why do we love to throw the ball?

You can see it now, that happy, excited, exuberant face of your dog, waiting for you to throw the ball!!! Every dog owner is familiar with that face, even if their dog doesn’t like to play fetch. When you go to the local dog park, you see countless owners throwing a ball for their dog.

And many watching as well. It’s fun and satisfying to see the dog eagerly awaiting the tossing of the ball. And once the ball has left the hand of its owner, the dogs frantic, manic attempts to get to the ball will make anyone smile.

If the dog is having to compete with another dog to get to the ball, they try even harder to be the first ones there. Some dogs get overly ambitious and will retrieve more than one ball after each throw, returning to their owner with a mouthful of two or three balls.

Benefits of throwing a ball for a dog

Throwing a ball for a dog accomplishes two things. First it gives the dog some much needed exercise. Just like people, dogs need cardiovascular exercise. It strengthens their heart, muscles, and skeleton. Many higher energy dogs would simply come unglued if they didn’t get exercise.

The second thing throwing a ball accomplishes is it taps into the dogs instincts to pursue prey. If he is pursuing the ball with other dogs, this playtime activity improves his social skills. He has to learn to share and to “play nicely” with the other dogs. But the benefits aren’t just for the dog. You get benefits as well!

You have to throw the ball, so that is a teeny bit of physical exercise. But presumably, you’ve taken your dog somewhere to throw the ball. So you may have walked him to the local dog park or to a local beach. And generally there are other people at the dog park, so you have to socialize as well.

So in a way, throwing a ball for your dog benefit you and him equally.